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Mark Chang is the Prince of Yugopotamia and a close friend of Timmy Turner. After his planned marriage to the homicidal alien Princess Mandie drove him from his homeworld, Mark Chang became a resident of Dimmsdale. In order to blend in with the human populace, Mark Chang uses a special device called a Fake-i-fier which allows him to take on the form of a human boy, or sometimes monsters and objects when the device malfunctions. Like all Yugopotamians, Mark Chang hates things that humans love such as candy, hugs, and kisses, and loves garbage, manure, and considers Vicky the Babysitter's evil attitude appealing. Vicky has seen Mark in his alien form before, but she thinks he is a foreign exchange student from Europe who is wearing a costume for a comic convention. Recently, Mark returned to his planet and married Mandie, but it turned out to be a ruse and she merely wanted power over his planet. After Mandie was defeated, Mark decided to remain on Earth, his spaceship poorly (yet effectively) hidden in the Dimmsdale Junkyard.
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